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Our aim is to manufacture products that reflect the clean nature of Jeju.
Jeju Tamna Seafood supplies frozen flounder fillets manufactured through its innovative system that freezes fresh flounders instantly at -60C The company also exports 300 tons of semi-cooked seafood products, such as, fried mackerels, squid kara-age (fried pieces), and kamaboko (fish cake)to Japan. Jeju Tamna Seafood will continue to its efforts for product diversification and to expand into the global market, such as, the U. S. A., Russia, and European countries.

HACCP is a sanitary supervision system applied to the entire manufacturing process from the handling of the raw materials to the production, distribution, and sales. This system helps prevent the contamination of food from antibiotics, foreign substances, hazardous substances that can cause food-borne diseases, etc.

1. We use fresh raw materials from clean Jeju.
2. We manufacture trustworthy products.
3. Our HACCP system enables us to manufacture sanitary and safe food products.
4. We keep our communication open to customers.
5. We are the leading brand that drives the trend.

Jeju Tamna Seafood
High-quality global brand of processed seafood

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Buyer / Seller Seller
Business Type Manufacture
Year established 2004
Employees total 11 - 50
Annual revenue USD 500,001 - 1,000,000

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Company Jeju Tamna Seafood Fishery Association Co., Ltd.
Address 258, Myungrim-ro,
690-090 Korea
Tel 82-64-7228701
Fax 82-64-7228703
Mobile 821086613962
Contact Lee Ji-hye

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