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The motto of JeKiss Co., Ltd. is the strong as well as charitable spirit bearing resemblance to the majestic appearance of Mt. Halla towering 1950m above sea level sitting in the center of Jeju island. JeKiss Co., Ltd. of clean Jeju has been playing a key role as backbone from its inception in 2008 in creating the income of the Jeju residents from agricultural and non-agricultural fields by increasing market share in both domestic and international markets.

I, CEO of JeKiss Co., Ltd., always dreamed of economic development in Jeju island where I was born and finally established a long-dreamed factory in Jeju island in 2008 with the groundwork obtained through the working experience and technology development in similar industry in Seoul, Gyeonggi province and abroad for 20 years.

I declare our mission here, pursuing to be a leader in chocolate industry in Korea as well as in Jeju island that we accomplish well balanced growth and stability through the continuous management renovation and product development always from the prospective of clients.

Although our start can be considered late, we hope you to keep watching the company 1950 with affection trying to make our grand dream come true by leveraging our past experience, ambition and courage so that we can contribute to the growth of "Clean Jeju" and the supply of safe foods to the all the people in Korea.


作为JeKiss有限公司的经理,一直梦想着想把济州经济发展起来,因为这是我出生的地方,我一直梦想在济州建立一家自己的企业。2008年, 总结自己在首尔,京畿道和国外20年 的工作经验和技术,实现了我的梦想 。



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Buyer / Seller Seller
Business Type Manufacture
Year established 2006
Employees total 51 - 100
Annual revenue USD 5,000,001 - 10,000,000

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Company JeKiss Co., Ltd.
Address 205, Yusuampyeonghwa-gil, Aewol-eup,
695-916 Korea
Tel 82-64-7211950
Fax 82-64-7991956
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