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Jeju Mayu Co., Ltd. is a family company of Jeju national university as well as No.1 subsidiary company by establishing a business and academy cooperative system of Jeju university, produces and supplies under the brand name of "MAYUNARA". from the headquarter located in a beautiful island and clean jeju, with the theme of horse that symbolizes Jeju, conducts various R&D, through the test on atopy soothing effect from 2012, we confirmed the excellent effect as well as have carried forward burn healing effect through the clinical test in 2013.

We produce and supply horse oil that gives a vitality to life to consumers with an advanced technology through R&D, based on trust, even it is slow we try our best to be a company that grows steadily.

What's Mayu(Horse oil) - a breathing pure natural nourishing cream made from the extracted oil from horse oil through refinement and a long term mature process.

Animal fat has saturated fatty acids mostly but horse oil contains unsaturated fatty acids mostly(over 60%), it is very similar as fatty acids that make up human's sebum thus it is suitable for human skin and has strong penetration and hydration.

In the unsaturated fatty acids of horse oil, it contains a large amount of oleic acid which has a moisturizing effect, palmitoleic acid which has an anti-inflammatory, cell generative promotion effect, linolenic acid which has an anti-atopic effect, it is expanding as a medicine R & D with the effect of skin barrier restoration, inflammation relief and burn treatment.

The primary efficacy of horse oil are as follows:
- Cosmetic effect: moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin care, supplies skin nutrition, pore tightening, keeps skin elasticity
- Pharmacological Effect: heals burn and wound, promotes cell regeneration, atopic soothing effect, removes acne, heat rash, insect bites, recovers make up poison

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Buyer / Seller Seller
Business Type Manufacture
Year established 2011
Employees total 1 - 5
Annual revenue Less than USD 100,000

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Company Jejumayu Co., Ltd.
Address #201, Jeju National University Small & Medium Business Support Center, 102 Jejudaehakro,
690-756 Korea
Tel 82-70-82229922
Fax 82-7229290-
Mobile 64
Contact Cho Yong-hyun

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