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[Korean Wine] Jeju Bokbunja

[Korean Wine] Jeju Bokbunja


Jeju bokbunja wine is said world class wine developed by orthodox wine manufacturing method before which was rigidly selected bokbunja only in the clean Jeju Island.


Jejudo Hanbaek

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Jejudo Bokbunja


360ml, 300ml



Pure Bokbunja made of pure water.
Elaborate drink based on the taste of pure Jeju bokbunja

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Jeju bokbunja(raspberry) has a higher sugar content than that cultivated in land. Using the essence of freshly deep colored Jeju raspberries(bokbunja) and combing them with clean Jeju water, Jeju Bokbunja was made through 3~6 month's fermenting and maturing process, many times of filtering by cutting edge equipment, then pasteurizing process and one last maturing.

Jeju bokbunja is superior in freshness and sugar content because it is reaped before the rainy season starts and water used for brewing Jeju bokbunja is volcanic rock water which is rich in mineral and called functional beverage. Jeju Bokbunja is containing those superior properties of Jeju bokbunja and water..

Bokbunja can be cultivated only in natural environment without using agricultural pesticide, so it is highly valuable wellbeing goods.


Jeju Bokbunja is a fruit wine made from 100 % natural bokbunja and tastes moderately sour and sweet and mild, so it is popular among various people who have a mania for wine. Sometimes it tastes a little bitter or tart, however, its flavor is unique to each of those who taste it.


[Korean Wine] Jeju Bokbunja

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