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"We will produce the products that convey the energy of the beautiful nature".
Our BKSU Inc. is an enterprise actively promoting the blue ocean strategy among the firms engaged in the similar business based under the slogan of "the conviction towards the best, product liability, truthfulness towards the customers".
By continuously developing new items at the level of our customer's eyes, and also based on the high technology and with pure ingredients which enable us to overcome the competition of the similar business firms and also world?s business depression, we will produce and release a wide variety of natural products.

"With producing the best quality products, we will try to become the most trusted company".
Through conducting not only strict quality control operations but also maintaining reliable certificates and using 100% quality proved ingredients, we will make safety our first priority.

From now on, we will be reborn as a global enterprise suitable to devote ourselves to the eco-friendly and green-growth movements matching towards the next century, and we will compensate you, our customers and subcontractors who have shown us their kind support and confidence on our company, our products and our services. Thank you.

President Gi-Beom KIM

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Buyer / Seller Seller
Business Type Manufacture
Year established 2009
Employees total 1 - 5
Annual revenue USD 100,000 - 500,000

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Company BKSU Inc.
Address #202-1, Bio Convergence Center, 102, Jejudaehak-ro,
63243 Korea
Tel 82-70-86714521
Fax 82-64-7636544
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